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The team members at Philly Auto Repair are all highly trained and experienced technicians, and we invite you to stop by our auto shop in Philadelphia for our fast and comprehensive maintenance and repair services. We’re dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. Stop by to say hello and keep your car running its best.

Our Team: Our Team



Mahdi Shaji has been introduced to the auto business since the age of 16. His father Ebrahim Shaji, has brought him into the auto business. Ebrahim taught him car sales, car repair, and tire service, which then evolved Mahdi to attain two college degrees in Automotive Technology and Business Management. Today, Mahdi currently hopes to peak on a new project that would open up an automotive empire that will serve not only the whole Philadelphia area, but the entire Tri-State region.

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Ebrahim Murad Shaji is the original founder of Philly Auto Repair. He founded the company back in 2012,  when operating both an Auto Repair and Tire Shop. Shaji has pursued his PHD's in Material Engineering back in 1993 and opened up a car dealership in 1998. Shaji has been working on vehicles and tires since of the age 15 in his home country of Bahrain. In 2019 he has transferred the business to his son Mahdi Shaji. Mahdi was then introduced to the auto business since high school. Until this day both Ebrahim and Mahdi Shaji run Philly Auto Repair, in which it has a reputation that is now known all throughout Philadelphia.

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